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Though we have not seen one another nor communicated since we served on an institutional board together in 2007, Angela has often been in my thoughts as an extraordinary presence and inspiration. We shared, among other things, an environmental commitment and, this morning, I acted upon the impulse to look Angela up online to see what she's been doing at the UN lately. I am deeply saddened to learn of Angel's illness and death. Having read the beautiful tributes and knowing something of her life and the tragedies she endured with such transformative grace, and knowing, too, the service to others that she offered with such simplicity, selflessness and integrity, I feel at this moment a paradoxical sense both of her grievous loss and of her continuing presence. Many of us who knew Angela will hold her in our hearts and honour her in action, while hoping, too, that in the completion of her life she has attained the fulfillment of her heart's desires and that her spirit is now at rest in the love she gave. I think I will return to this muchloved site often, not out of morbidity but for comfort and inspiration, for the reminder that it is not the taking, but the giving of life and love that is important. Rest in peace, Angela, and may you go with flights of angels. Linda Sheppard Whalen Newfoundland
March 4th, 2013
Thank you Angela Cropper. I attended this year's Cropper Foundation Residential Writer's Workshop. Because of you, I met some of the greatest people. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Rachael Espinet
December 17th, 2012
Statement from GEF Small Grants Programme Trinidad and Tobago Mrs. Angela Cropper, former Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme, former Independent Senator, who was also outstanding environmentalist and social activist, dedicated her life in the pursuit of her passion of indemnification to her country and the planet. Faced with personal tragedy, Mrs. Cropper resolved to serve her country and the world selflessly. During the last five years, Mrs. Cropper was committed to the objectives of the United Nations Environmental Programme as a Senior Adviser on Environment and Development. As founder of the Cropper Foundation, Mrs. Cropper has made a significant contribution to the development of environmental policy and awareness in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region. The GEF Small Grants Programme in Trinidad and Tobago extends its sympathy to the members of the Cropper family and the members of the Cropper Foundation, and applauds the life and work of Mrs. Angela Cropper. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.
sasha jattansingh
December 4th, 2012
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