My Moment With Angela Cropper

Created by dhallbelly18 on 13/11/2012
I was invited to attend a small meeting with some of my colleagues from an organization that I have been a part for a few years. This was the Youth of the United Nations Group Trinidad and Tobago (YOUNGTT). Though the group is more or less inactive; members of the group have gone on to do great things, because of the inspiration from individuals such as Angela Cropper. When we entered the room and we saw her, knowing fully well the respect she has been able to attain internationally, we were all starstruck. For young individuals who were just beginning to grasp the concepts of the United Nations,It was great to see the Woman that Angela Cropper, who has crafted an organization for the benefit of sustainable development in our country was nothing short of amazing. Even though it was a one time meeting, Angela Cropper did a lot for me, in more ways that she may ever know. A key inspiration to who I may want to become in the future. With love and peace, Shahad Ali