re-encounter at UNESCO

Created by antonioricarte on 13/11/2012
I met Angela when she became the first Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in 1992. Back then, we had many meetings, both official and informal, to discuss how to best implement this very important instrument that resulted from the UN Conference on Environment and Development, in 1992. After a few years working together in Geneva, I moved away to other assignments. It was not until 2009 that I had the chance of meeting her again, this time when she came to UNESCO, in her capacity of Deputy Executive Director of UNEP. The same drive and charisma was still there, in her elegant presence and beautiful accent, a fascinating human being and an exemplary international civil servant. Fortunately, I came to share many other nice moments with her in Nairobi, before she discovered her cancer. She never relented, always working passinately to help bring forward the cause of sustainable development. I was hoping that she would be present at Rio+20, the culmination of many of her professional endeavours. She couldn't make it physically, but we, her friends, kept her briefed on what was going on. I last met her in London, in July, where I went expressly to discuss with her the outcome and the way forward on the Future We Want. I am sure that she will always be remembered for the sound contribution she made to the international agenda on sustainable development, but also for her outstanding presence and extraordinary personal qualities. Angela will be missed.