Statement from GEF Small Grants Programme Trinidad and Tobago Mrs. Angela Cropper, former Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme, former Independent Senator, who was also outstanding environmentalist and social activist, dedicated her life in the pursuit of her passion of indemnification to her country and the planet. Faced with personal tragedy, Mrs. Cropper resolved to serve her country and the world selflessly. During the last five years, Mrs. Cropper was committed to the objectives of the United Nations Environmental Programme as a Senior Adviser on Environment and Development. As founder of the Cropper Foundation, Mrs. Cropper has made a significant contribution to the development of environmental policy and awareness in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region. The GEF Small Grants Programme in Trinidad and Tobago extends its sympathy to the members of the Cropper family and the members of the Cropper Foundation, and applauds the life and work of Mrs. Angela Cropper. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

Sent by sasha jattansingh on 04/12/2012